What to expect

  • A space where you can speak your mind freely
  • Where you can be listened to fully and without judgement
  • A chance to think about what is going on, and expand your possibilities
Image of graffiti reading to dare to dream

There are lots of reasons people seek psychotherapy or analysis.

Perhaps a difficult life transition, illness, divorce, a loss of direction, or a feeling that you could be more.

Or experiences of anxiety, depression, compulsive thoughts or behaviour, a sense of being self-destructive.

Unease, not fully inhabiting yourself, not realising your full potential.

Some trauma or experience that is affecting your experience of the present.

Frightening dreams or fantasies.

Not acting in your best interests.

Not fully being in your body, or mysterious physical ailments that don’t have a recognised medical diagnosis or cure.

Everyone’s story is different, but what we all have in common is a longing to be understood – both by ourselves and others.

What you should not expect

  • To be ‘fixed’ or changed. Change may happen, but it will be led by you.
  • To be judged on the basis of race, sexuality, gender, or religion.